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How much should it cost? Tips and Hints

Strategies to hire & budget contractors

Does your kitchen or bathroom have a look you wish you could have? ServiceJoes.com guide to hiring a contractor will give you the foundation you need to hire the correct contractor for your project. Get local estimates and bids from the TOP RATED contractors in the nation.

Imagine what you can design

ServiceJoes.com will connect you with best contractor to give you personalized design boards from high-quality images of the styles and spaces that inspire you. Once your design board is complete, you can find every contractor you need to get the job done

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Plumbing Repair & Maintance Contractors

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Service Joes will help you find experts who can fix a repair things like washer repair, hot water heaters, dishwasher repair, oven repair, leaky toilets and more more. Find a plumber near you!

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Boiler or Furnace? ... On average, boiler repair costs $351 nationally, with most homeowners spending between $172 and $529. Find a HVAC Company near you!

Home Maintenance & Decor

Home Maintenance & Decor

Service Joes will help you find quality handymen near you today. Read Ratings & Reviews on TOP RATED painting and home improvement contractors on Service Joes today!

Top Tips for Finding a Home Improvement Contractor

Know what you want before you get estimates.

First thing any home owner should do is create a plan and some ideas. This gives you a foundation to build your ideas vs having a contractor tell you their ideas. Remember your ideas are what's being designed and discussed. This allows you to control cost with unneeded recommendations you may end up not liking.

Verify insurance coverage

IT's extremely important for you the home owner to know what is covered by your homeowners insurance and what is covered by your contractor's business insurance. ServiceJoes.com recommends you get a copy of the company's insurance policy.

Don't pay more than 10 percent of the job up font.

Most jobs require only 10-20% materials cost. ServiceJoes.com recommends you avoid getting hustled out for money or have your money finish someone else's job. The contract should include a payment schedule and triggers for progress payments with all job estimated and completed.


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